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US Senator Rick Scott’s December 28th, 2020 response to my email request of him (please see post #71 for its equivalent):

Dear Mr. Kurz,


Thank you for contacting me regarding the 2020 election. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.


I believe that every legal vote must be counted fairly and that President Donald Trump has the right to fight for transparency. The media does not pick the President, voters do.


This election has shown us that we need major reforms to our electoral system and that is why I proposed the Verifiable, Orderly, & Timely Election Results (VOTER) Act (S. 4707).  The VOTER Act establishes uniform standards for vote-by-mail systems across the country and ensures the timely and efficient counting of ballots, with important protections to prevent fraud.  The bill creates a deadline for state election officials to tally and report the election results to avoid prolonged uncertainty in the outcome of a federal election.


Voting is fundamental to our democracy, and it is a sacred right that we must protect and cherish.  I always say we need 100% participation and 0% fraud in our elections.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to get this legislation passed and ensure smooth and secure elections.


Again, thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns.  I am proud to represent all Floridians and I am working diligently to help get the necessary resources to Floridians to continue to combat this public health crisis.


Rick Scott
United States Senator

I responded, about two hours ago as I pen this post — also on December 28th, 2020 —  with the following (I had to go on Senator Scott’s site to reply):

Thank you, Senator Rick Scott, for your reply.  I appreciate your stance above.


You correctly state:  “I believe that every legal vote must be counted fairly and that President Donald Trump has the right to fight for transparency.  The media does not pick the President, voters do.”


Let me expand on that: legal voters and state legislatures, via electors constitutionally and legitimately chosen, pick the president.  This has not occurred, as I’m sure you are well aware.  Instead, we’ve witnessed massive unconstitutionality and fraud related to the current presidential election.


While your proposed Voter Act reform is laudable, that will not help remedy the current presidential election predicament, namely the systemic breaching of election integrity and legality firewalls.


However, you, as a US Senator, can play a vital role today to prevent a constitutional tragedy for our challenged representative republic.  How so?  By standing up and disputing the illegitimate electoral count for candidate Biden by joining Representative Mo Brooks’ initiative on January 6th, 2021.


As we are nearly out of time, and given that this is the only option left to attempt to stop a lawless presidential election from culminating in the assumption of power by an illegitimate president-elect, allow me to draw your attention to the wider appeal I’m attempting to make via a link.  The post behind that link makes precisely the same points I made to you via the email that I sent you and you responded to.  Here is that link:


Please take a moment and reassess the only opportunity left at this very late stage.  Please let me know if you will be joining Rep. Brooks’ effort.  Please be a Republican, not a RINO, so that my family, friends, and yours truly can vote for you again.  Thank you.


Sincerely and gratefully,
Dan Kurz

Bottom line: it ain’t over ’til it’s over.  Perhaps, just perhaps, if enough of us knock on enough RINO senator doors “like this” (more than one knock will be necessary), one of them may morph back into a Republican again, if only for a fleeting moment, but for THE moment. 

The odds are daunting here, I know, but it’s the only remaining option to try to reverse the unconstitutionality and pervasive fraud related to the 2020 presidential election.  Maybe a Senator Cruz or a Senator Lee or a Senator Paul can be motivated to contest the elector counts; after all, they purport to be constitutionalists.  If you happen to reside in their states and you share my convictions and great concern, perhaps you could make an “11th hour” appeal to them to join Rep. Mo Brooks’ initiative?  According to the US Constitution, only one US representative and one US senator needs to contest the electoral vote tally for a mandatory review of the legitimacy of same.  There are something like 30 Republican representatives that are onboard, but not one Republican senator, yet …

What is there left to lose?  Speak now or forever hold your peace, for if the “big guy” is our next president, we may all see a rather rapid disappearance of the remaining fragments of constitutional fidelity, including the 1st Amendment, and the Bill of Rights (minute mark 15) in its entirety.  Soldiers on the battlefield defending liberty have risked much, much more, thus perhaps it is not too much to ask you to engage in a last ditch effort to ward off what looks increasingly like iron-fisted despotism around the bend. 

The seldom window of (what remains of) individual freedom and inalienable rights, very much including property rights, may be at stake, not only in America, but for the world at large, for if the US Constitution can be “taken down,” so can the citadel of individual liberty and inalienable rights.  Do recall that one or another form of totalitarianism is the rule throughout history.  The individual liberty exception — our enormous, very seldom, and hard won privilege — is hanging by a thread.  Not exactly a great way to wind down the old year, much less start the new one!

(In the interim, if you haven’t already done so amidst all our political, societal, financial, extreme monetary debasement, and economic turbulence juxtaposed against bubble valuation bonds and stocks, get some physical PM insurance.)

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FYI: A few links relating to discussed topics have been added to select sections of this post after the initial publication date in an effort to better buttress the stance espoused without changing the content or the nature of the matter discussed.  Moreover, the links in the final email draft that I attempted to send Senator Scott had to be stripped in order to get my response to upload on his site.  Said have been reinserted above.

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