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An appeal to add teeth to Gov. DeSantis’ E.O. #20-244

The E.O. #20-244 link:

Executive summary:

Post #70 was titled thusly: An on-campus unmasking request for daughter Sarah failed; round one loss to health, sanity, and tyranny.  Here is “round two,” or Post #73, “An appeal to add teeth to Gov. DeSantis’ 
E.O. #20-244.”  Instead of pursuing public school unmasking “Mission Impossible” with another few layers of Marxist bureaucrats that are heavily invested, career-wise, in student asphyxiation, I thought I’d “aim for the sky.”  Specifically, tap the good governor of the great state of Florida that issued the executive order (E.O.) on the shoulder directly.  In so doing, appeal to him to grant daughter Sarah a mask-free (natural) future at school.  I know the odds of success here are microscopically small, but what is there to lose other than a return to greater student health, cognitive ability, and happiness?  With a return to heightened federal government tyranny looking more threatening than ever given the November election (fraud) and today’s US senator election results in Georgia, a local and state effort to revisit a modicum of freedom and inalienable rights protections is arguably timelier than ever as a bulwark against an expanding federal government leviathan bent on eviscerating what is left of federalism and inalienable rights.  This is true both from trying to reclaim greater property rights protections (the antithesis of unconstitutional lockdowns) and in terms of trying to get a “pole vault” solution for Sarah that will help drive a wedge of uninhibited breathing sanity into a “bad, year-round Halloween mask joke.”


My “end run” unmasking appeal as a citizen/resident of Florida:

That effort is comprised by the email that I sent to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (governorron.desantis) on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021; confirmation of receipt of same can be found below.  That email:

Dear Governor DeSantis,


Thank you very much for your Executive Order #20-244 (hereafter, “E.O.”)!  Your E.O. is part of my thus far unsuccessful effort to unmask daughter Sarah Kurz at Estero High School, where she is a senior.  Specifically, this section of the your E.O. is germane:



Section 4. Suspension of COVID-19-related Individual Fines and Penalties.
This order, consistent with Executive Order 20-92, suspends the collection of fines and penalties associated with COVID-19 enforced upon individuals.


I well realize that you are fighting a deeply entrenched, leftist, and often despotic (unconstitutional) bureaucracy as well as politicians of a similar persuasion.  To add insult to injury, you’re going up against the press and Big Tech, which are effectively in bed with constitution-eviscerating (at the FL and federal level), unelected, unaccountable administrators and elected officials that “always get paid.”  If that weren’t enough, I’m convinced that ambulance chasing trial lawyers are also too often aligned — for monetary reasons — against your efforts to bring back freedom and personal responsibility in the COVID-19 sphere (and in numerous other spheres, obviously).


As a sad result, at least as per my experience in SW Florida from public schools to governmental agencies to most business establishments, your E.O. unfortunately lacks teeth.  Said differently, it is effectively over-ruled by those wanting to lord over us, or by litigation fears.  Anything that you — perhaps in concert with the Republican legislature — can do to increase fidelity to your E.O. and, by extension, increase our individual freedom, property right protections, economic prospects, and personal responsibility for our own actions would be greatly appreciated.


Allow me to provide you with a link related to my thus far failed effort to unmask my daughter on campus despite a) our family doctor’s medical exemption (attached), b) your E.O., c) masks’ lacking Corona virus transmission reduction efficacy, d) the substantial harm that these masks can do# if kids have to wear them over protracted periods of time, e) children’s low Corona virus transmission rates, f) the extremely low-level risk Sarah would pose to other students if she was unmasked on campus and on the school bus, and g) that virtually 100% of all school-age kids that contract the virus survive and thrive, as you have so aptly, truthfully, and wonderfully shown!


Please review my rejected request to unmask Sarah on the Estero High campus and while on public school buses.  The request was based on Sarah’s growing and lingering health issues since having to mask up in late August when the new school year started.  It is underpinned by our family doctor’s writings,* most especially his medical exemption, which he drafted after we sought his medical advice; his writings were then sent to the Estero High School principal via certified mail.


In a related manner, if you or your team think my post is worth sharing with others, given what is at stake both health-wise and constitutionally (inalienable rights or Bill of Rights protections), I would obviously be delighted if you would use it for said purpose.



In closing, I would be most delighted of all if you would see fit to write the Lee County bureaucrats** that daughter Sarah Kurz has been given a governor-based mask-wearing exemption on the Estero High School campus for the remainder of this school year – an exemption that would obviously be in sync with your E.O., our family doctor’s mask-related medical exemption (liberation), Sarah’s health, and the preponderance of evidence that supports K-12 student unmasking.


Sincerely and gratefully,
Dan Kurz and Sarah Kurz


P.S. – My mom, Elizabeth Kurz Staley, has long been a supporter of yours and has frequently contributed to your campaign requests for citizen funding (I voted for you as governor with enthusiasm, and tapped friends and neighbors on the shoulder to do same)!


* – Our family doctor, who issued the (unmasking) medical exemption for Sarah Kurz, requested that he remain anonymous online given how intense intimidation and retribution efforts can be for those daring to speak out against masks in a public fashion.  (FYI: while sharing our family doctor’s coordinates with Governor DeSantis/his office, I have taken them out of this public post for the reasons stated directly above.)


** – Email addresses of two bureaucrats that voted “no” on the requested mask exemption for Sarah Kurz followed by the email address of the Estero High School principal: (Terrill Hensley, “504 Committee” coordinator); (Chuck Bradley, Director of Positive Prevention), (Mike Amabile, Estero High principal)

Confirmation of email receipt by Gov. Desantis’ office:
Automatic reply: An appeal to add teeth to your E.O. #20-244 (

Thank you for contacting Governor Ron DeSantis.

Due to the volume of emails sent to the Governor, there may be a delay in responding to your e-mail. You may wish to view the Governor’s web site, [ <> ] <> , which provides information on current issues and answers to frequently asked questions.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact Governor DeSantis.

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis <> @GovRonDeSantis

Please note that under Florida law correspondence sent to the Governor’s Office, which is not confidential or exempt pursuant to chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, is a public record made available upon request.



Once again, at the grassroots/state level, this is just another small effort to struggle against ever-rising despotism while trying to encourage Gov. Ron DeSantis to effectively restore more freedom, free-breathing health, science over politics, sanity over insanity, normalcy over absurdity, common sense over there lack of, and property right protections over various forms of confiscation from unconstitutional, destructive lockdowns to revenue-killing, bankrupting social distancing diktats (ask restaurants or airlines or cinemas or gyms).  In short, to hearten him to give his E.O. #20-244 teeth!  Call it an appeal to incentivize the governor to preserve the remaining residuals of individual freedom and inalienable rights protections, to sustain and invigorate cost-benefit analysis in state-level public policy, and to make a stand for the most precious assets any of us have, our children and their health and well being.  In my view, it’s all “tied at the hip.” i.e., if we can get those school kids with 99.997% Corona virus survival rates unmasked as DeSantis’ E.O. clearly implies should occur (but hasn’t), it could ignite a chain reaction of “freedom insistence,” expanding our circle of liberty and economic freedom in other realms, especially as concerns Main Street’s hugely maligned small businesses, which constitute over 45% of economic activity.

Should my appeal and similar and broader appeals for a return to less Covidocracy (a leftist bureaucracy wielding plutocracy leveraging the virus threat to gain even more illegitimate control and power over the citizenry while it enriches itself at society’s expense) and more Constitutionalism fall on deaf or inactive ears at both the governmental and citizen (!!!) levels, which sadly is is highly likely, make darn sure, dear reader, that you add physical precious metals to your investable accounts as freedom, free market capitalism, productivity, output, property rights, the purchasing power of the dollar, and the (remnants of the) rule of law will get whacked even more while debt, money printing, and fascism (fiat law) continue to “go vertical on the J-curve.”

Hopefully you got something out of this likely “bookend” post!

Dan Kurz, CFA
DK Analytics


# – SecondOpinion 🙂 on Twitter: “”First results of a Germany-wide registry mask in 25.930 children.” Impairments were reported by 68% of the parents – irritability 60% – headache 53% – difficulty concentrating 50% – less happiness 49% – malaise 42% – impaired learning 38% – fatigue 37%” / Twitter   This information was shared with the governor and was drawn to my attention thanks to a superb macro analyst out of London that I’ve been blessed to know and learn lots from since 2007, when he was at UBS and I was at CS.


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