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Are the first, fourth, and fifth amendments going up in smoke — and with them, what remains of constitutional fidelity?


Here is the content food for thought: Executive Order Canceling the Constitution 


And here is the brief dialogue related to this ominous piece (initial email related directly below, closing email down the page):
On Apr 25, 2021, at 6:13 AM, Debi sent the following email to Doug and yours truly (more on Debi and Doug in a moment):
Oh no.  Here we go:

After reading the piece, I responded thusly to Debi and Doug:
Devastating. If the executive order (EO) sections are accurately copied and pasted into place and things aren’t taken out of context, which is highly unlikely given this great site, then it looks like this EO drives a stake through the remaining fidelity to the first, fourth, and fifth amendments all by itself.*  A one EO Bill of Rights killer.  Utterly Stalinist.  The criminal US government just keeps getting more so as Biden turbocharges the lawless deep state/the bureaucracy that reports to him.

(* – In retrospect, after further examination, the EO sections in the American Thinker piece are valid, and they aren’t taken out of context, in your author’s view.)

Doug then chimed in with this:
Needless to say, our courts would uphold it.


Some additional reflection:
Doug was referring to the courts upholding Biden’s executive order on Blocking Property with Respect to Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation.  After over four years of Russian collusion hoax narratives trying to take down candidate and then President Trump while detracting from what was really going on, namely profound, domestic, deep state lawlessness abetted by the American version of the Pravda press, Russia remains the despotic Democrats’ favorite scapegoat with which to mask what they are actually engaged in, and to justify further evisceration of the remaining vestiges of the US Constitution.  Even worse, the same US courts, at both the state and federal levels, that absolutely refused to take up massive and systemic voting fraud in the 2020 election on the one hand, and the rank unconstitutionality of how electors were tallied on the other hand — combined, a stolen election — are surely not going to have a go at trying to peel back Biden’s constitution-withering EOs, very much including this one.  THIS is what is so damning.  So much for federalism.  So much for separation of powers.  So much for checks and balances.  So much for upholding the very Constitution that is supposed to “ring fence” government power.


A few words about Doug and Debi, for the sake of context:
Doug is a nearly lifelong, invaluable friend, a highly intelligent person, and a fine lawyer with broad constitutional and historical knowledge and, as you might guess, significant familiarity with US courts.  He is also has fought the battle that is being waged against sanity and ethics/morals in his own community, specifically in his own church, which was deeply involved in and divided by a nearly decade-long slugfest against leftist depravity.  (Sometimes a “divorce” by two irreconcilable convictions/camps is the only sane way to proceed, much as I’ve long felt about the widening and deepening split between “blue” and “red” states.)

Debi subscribed to my micro youtube channel a few years ago, I believe.  She is a bright civil engineer that is keenly aware of what’s going on politically, socially, economically, and financially.  She also works heavy equipment for a living and has a farm here in SW Florida, on which she cultivates a material and growing portion of the food she needs.  She is way ahead of yours truly in terms of bracing and readying herself for the difficult road ahead as a “back in the USSR, revisited” world, which could include Stalinist style horrors, increasingly threatens.  Debi is a successful “Aussteiger” in the making, in other words.

Doug and Debi are patriots deeply concerned about our increasingly “freedom dark,” insane trajectory.  Both are engaged in trying to wake people up while preparing themselves and their families as well as possible for a challenging future.  (Speaking of insanity, did you know that in Michigan toddlers will now have to wear face masks,  or that currently in Germany there is an 8 pm curfew to keep the Corona virus, which is “hyperactive” at night, from wafting through the neighborhood into your under-house-arrest neighbor’s nostrils, or that currently in Germany 10-year old daughter Julia can only invite one youngster over to her birthday party because the second youngster could be carrying the virus and spread it, even though science tells us that youngsters don’t get or spread the virus?)


Closing thoughts:
Even if this post is, once again, off the beaten path, I think the topic is as timely as it is threatening, and for the following reason: not only should readers allocate, portfoliowise, as well as possible for the inevitable stagflation that we are rapidly steering towards, but they should also be good “preppers” in the physical sense of the word, given the increasingly rapid sunsetting of individual freedom and property right protections, which are vital pillars of a broader group of inalienable (God-given) rights on the one hand, and enablers of the best possible political and economic prospects on the other hand.  In other words, prepare and position yourself to the best of your ability not only for fiat money and the economic and financial destruction that it always causes, but also for fiat government, its liberty-eliminating, impoverishing tyrannical twin.  And given that America is more than 200 years into a period of an erstwhile federalist, sound money, constitutional republic (a state that is ruled by representatives of the citizen body) featuring both democratic aspects (direct election of representatives and, after 1913, senators) and inalienable rights protections (safeguards against both monarchial government and a mobocracy), the crumbling of freedom is, sadly, “overdue.”  Instead of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), let the citizen beware, for history is about to repeat.




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